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Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan Coaching, Training and Consulting

[email protected] Tel.0868373582

Metta-morphics eLearning

Introduction to Mindfulness 6 week course

Metta-morphics eLearning

Confident Children Workshop for Parents

Thank you to Brian Colbert for allowing me to share some of his feedback on my Introduction to Mindfulness online course. Having just started the course this is what Brian has said:

'I have listened to the introduction , the sitting instructions /advice and going through the first meditation. It is very well done authentic simple warm pleasant natural helpful and informative hits all the points and as one who has been meditating for over 30 years I give it a thumbs up ...well done Elfreda top job and you can quote me on that !....:-)'

Welcome to my online courses page. Currently I have one course available for enrollment on Metta-morphics eLearning at Thinkific. I also have number of course running with LMETB Community Education Service. You can find the links on my Facebook page or on LMETB Fet on Facebook. These courses are free.

You can also find free meditations and special offers on the Members Only page of my site if you use the Subscribe form below to become a member.

I hope you enjoy participating in my classes and I would be very grateful for any feedback or testimonials that you might share with me.

Thank you in advance,