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Mind Coaching, Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology

''As an individual Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan is upbeat positive and enthusiastic.She transfers these qualities elegantly into her Coaching and combines them with precision, passion and competence. If you decide to choose her as your Coach you are in good hands.''

-Brian Colbert (Mind Coach, Co-founder of Irish Institute of NLP, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP).

'For me it was hard to see my little ones upset whenever I had to go to work or leave them for a while. Departures were prolonged and I was often lured back by the sobbing and upset . It was very helpful to work with Elfreda and learn that there were some things we could do to help reduce separation anxiety. I would reassure the children that I would be back and give hugs and kisses (we have our own funny parting gestures a silly song and high 5s. I would tell them that "sometimes Mamma has to go to work and I can't take you, at work I do lots of things and but you can do things too " get them into problem solving mode "what could you do when I am working?" they came up with ideas like feed the dog, make sure he has a fresh drink , build some Lego etc, helping them feel that they were in control of those tasks often lessened the anxiety, it's hard to be upset and problem solving at the same time . Settling into a school routine often my daughter will protest and refuse to go .Again looking at what she might miss out on if she didn't go like favourite subjects , PE and dancing etc helped to create the desire and she would quickly decide that getting ready and going to school to enjoy all the things there was the better choice . I highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed coaching sessions with Elfreda . Elfreda has helped me to understand that the children can sense your confidence as you walk out the door, smiling and giving a cheerful wave and a quick "bye" has helped the children sense my confidence they know that I feel ok about leaving them with the caregiver and they can feel ok too.' Carol, Trim.

Integrative Coaching with Elfreda combines her training Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, NLP Mind Coaching, Somatic Parts Work, Integrative Trauma Therapy and Trauma Informed Practice.  This supports a client to overcome past stresses, attachment and relational wounds, to become more confident, a better communicator, more authentic and able to handle their stress, having greater self-regulation. Coaching programmes are bespoke for each individual client.

Positive Psychology Coaching is evidence based coaching that is founded in research in Positive Psychology and supports individuals working on their well-being or wishing to thrive or flourish in their life.

Mind Coaching is a coaching process that helps you discover how your mind works using NLP techniques and tools. It offers you an opportunity to move forward in your life and achieve your goals. Positive Psychology focuses on your Wellbeing and Coaching Psychology uses techniques from multiple disciplines; Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Narrative Coaching, Humanistic Coaching, Gestalt Coaching & much more to support you to make positive change in your life.

One to one sessions can be arranged for a time that suits you, in Trim, Co. Meath or from any location via Zoom.

Metta-morphics specialises in

  • Attachment Strategies - particularly avoidant attachment and people-pleasing
  • Stress Management
  • Parts-work - to let go of past relational wounds
  • Dealing with Difficult Relationships
  • Mindfulness
  • Effective Communication - for work, court, family relationships
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships

Sessions usually last one to two hours. The number of sessions vary with the average being three, six or twelve across 2 - 12 months. There are discounts for block bookings and a variety of payment methods are accepted. Fees depend on type of coaching, duration and number of sessions. Fees range from €95 - €100 per hour for a package or €120 per hour pay as you go. Special rates for Premium and Standard packages. Book a free 30 minute Zoom session to find out which programme is right for you.

Coaching can focus on a specific topic, such as developing confidence, effective communication, better relationships and well-being, or developing a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships, your past and how you want to live a more consciously chosen life.

You can fill in the contact form below for more information, or email: or call: +35386 8373582.

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Using Parts-work,  Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Coaching, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology techniques can help move you forward to realize your goals, move beyond your past and be more of the person you want to be. All coaching sessions are confidential and bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Premium Coaching Package

24 hours of coaching

This is a 6 month or year long coaching programme. Sessions can be one hour, 90 minutes or two hours in length. Unused time gets carried over. All sessions must be completed within one year of payment. Additional  bespoke shared resources and contact in-between sessions to support you on your personal journey included. This is a deep dive into your personal growth. Cost: €2400 paid in three installments or €2160 upfront payment in full. To make an enquiry fill in the contact form or book your discovery session using the booking links below.

Standard Coaching Package

6  or 10 hours of coaching

This package can be booked for 6 or 10 hours of coaching to be completed over 3 to 6 months.  Sessions can be one hour, 90 minutes or two hours in length. Unused time gets carried over. All sessions must be completed within one year of payment. Limited contact between sessions. Work on a specific topic or on an area of personal development such as confidence or effective communication. Cost: €570 - €950 paid in two installments or €541 - €879 upfront payment. To make an enquiry fill in the contact form or book your discovery session using the booking links below.


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