Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan  Coaching, Training and Consulting

I have had the great fortune to learn from some extraordinary teachers over the years and I am very grateful for their guidance and the skills they have shared with me, and thankfully taught me. I would like to acknowledge and honour them below.
Brian Colbert is one of the best Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Trainers in the world. He has worked with some of the corporate giants such as Google, Pepsi and Coca Cola and delivers training all over Europe as well as being a best selling author. I had the privilege of starting my training with Brian in 2012 and have continued to receive CPD training annually as member of the International Association of Mind Coaches. Not only has Brian been an integral part of my NLP education he has also provided me with much support in my own personal development journey.

Owen Fitzpatrick is and Internationally renowned author, speaker and trainer. I had the pleasure of being trained as both a Master Practitioner in NLP and and NLP Mind Coach with Owen as well as attending both his Charisma Masterclass and Influence training in Dublin. Owen's honesty about himself and his own struggles sets him apart as an authentic and sincere speaker and trainer. His ability to tell stories and at the same time teach you incredible skills are second to none. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to share in his knowledge and enhance my own skills under his guidance.

Richard Bandler is one of the co-creators of NLP and a master of language and Eriksonian hypnosis techniques. I have had the pleasure of training with him twice in London. I can honestly say that my NLP skills as well as my skills in hypnosis were greatly enhanced by this experience. It is not often you get to train with someone whose skills you greatly admire and have the change to see them make significant change for others in real time. His ability to use language to change your thinking on both a conscious and unconscious level are extraordinary. I am very grateful for all that NLP has brought into my life and I have Richard to thank for that.

Paul Mc Kenna was my first introduction to both Hypnosis and NLP way back in 2005. I read many of his books and eventually chose to train in NLP in 2012. I have since been lucky enough to attend two events in London with both Paul Mac Kenna and Richard Bandler. Paul is one of the most successful and well know hypnotist in the world. His skill and excellence at using his voice to induce trance and instigate effective change is quite and experience. I still return to many of his hypnosis recordings even today.
Panchen Otrul Rinpoche was asked by the Irish Buddhist Community to come to Ireland in 1990 and he has been resident at the Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre ever since. Jampa Ling in Co. Cavan is one of my favourite places to go on silent retreat. I have also been lucky enough to receive teachings on compassion from the Rinpoche himself. Desmond, one of the main teachers at the centre, has been a wonderful source of support during retreat weekends and during my own meditation path.