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Confidence Talks and Workshops for Second Level, Parents,Teachers and the Workplace

*Mindfulness and Self Care – Talk or Workshop

*Public Speaking Skills Workshop

*How to be More Confident

*Mind Mastery 2017

Learn to develop greater self-awareness, improve your self-esteem, develop skills in Public Speaking, Mindfulness and understand the Neuroscience behind Mindfulness and how the thoughts we have impact our confidence. Become the person you always wanted to be with the type of confidence that allows you to achieve your true potential.

How to Be More Confident:

Having studied Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Charisma Mastery Elfreda has discovered that there are certain characteristics of confident people. This talk explores what these are and how everyone can use NLP modelling to develop the type of confidence that allows you to achieve in all areas of your life. Using latest research into neuroscience and the power of the unconscious brain to alter your perception of the world through visualisation and visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques Elfreda gives students the power to transform their confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Mindfulness and Self Care:

As a daily meditator for many years and a certified Meditation instructor Elfreda has discovered the power of meditation as a means to improving stress management, anxiety and negative feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

This workshop, or talk, explores the history of Mindfulness in the West as well as the neuroscience behind our emotions and how Mindfulness alters the structure of the brain through meditation. Students and teachers will learn how to meditate; sitting meditation, mindful movement, mindful walking and loving kindness meditation. They will be given tips and apps that help you build your own daily practice.

They will also learn how our emotional responses are developed and trigger the Amygdala, in the brain, as well as how changing the way we respond to stress alters our experience of the world.

Students and teachers will be taught how to use NLP and Mindfulness to change their memories of past experiences as well as how to build strong, self-assured body and mind states to feel more confident and capable of achieving their goals in all areas of their life.

Public Speaking Skills Workshop:

Elfreda has successfully taught Public Speaking to TY students for the past sixteen years. On the foot of that she has developed a one day workshop that teaches students how to write, rehearse, and deliver a speech with confidence. Her experience as a Toastmaster and twenty years teaching Speech and Communications has given her a wealth of exercises and techniques to help the most nervous student develop confident public speaking skills. Students will learn about the neuroscience behind confidence and the skills of charisma, influence and building a strong connection with an audience.

Mind Mastery 2017:

In this talk students will learn how to manage their mind more effectively for well-being and happiness. Using Mindfulness, Mind Management and Mind Creations techniques students will learn that they always have a choice in how they think and what they can do to empower themselves to make that choice. This talk includes the latest research in Neuroscience as well as practical techniques and strategies to develop your mind and individual power.

Price List for Schools:

Mindfulness and Self Care Talk: €150– two hours

Mindfulness and Self Care Workshop - students: €300 full day

Mindfulness for Teachers Talk: €75 – 1 hour - 1 hour 15mins

Public Speaking Skills Workshop - students: €300 – full day

How To Be More Confident Talk: €80 – double class period.

*Workplace training and consulting price negotiated on an individual basis.


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